Stain Removal on Rugs.

Removing spills on rugs is not always easy.

Did you know that the colouring agent used in some beverages such as red cordial and the like are made from a dye called an "Acid Dye"? This is the very same dye that is used to dye both wool and nylon fibres. Is it any wonder kids go nuts after drinking some softdrinks. So when we spill these coloured drinks we now create a new colour on the carpet that can only be fixed by de-colouring and re-colouring as in this series of photos. 
But you can minimise the damage by following the following spot removal guide.

Spill Removal Guide

For water based spills 
Blot - Dilute - Blot is the action.
Blot up as much of the spill as possible using paper towel, then dilute the remainder with a little bit of water then blot this up. Repeat if necessary.
Clean like with like.
Most spills are from drink spills. If we can drink it then it is probably just a water soluble beverage. This means we don't really need any chemistry to remove it, all we need to do is to blot up the spill and then dilute the remainder with water and then blot this out.
So blot - dilute - blot
Don't rub it or this can upset the shape of the pile.
Definitely do not use bicarb soda or other chemistry as this can cause other damage. Bicarb soda is alkaline and this is damaging to wool. 
Finish off by placing a big thick pad of paper towel over the spill and place another few sheets under the rug to protect the floor. Place a book on top of the paper towel and leave it there for 24 hours to allow the remainder of the water (and stain) to wick up into the paper towel, which you will then throw away. 
If this treatment doesn't work completely then call Abbsolve Services for professional help. At the very least you will have minimised the damage and I will at least still have something that I can work with later on if it is required.
But don't ignore a spill as the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to fix the problem.

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