Stain Removal and Home Remedy Myths.

This page is dedicated to dispelling some myths about cleaning up spills on carpet and lounge suites. 

Bi-carb Soda.

What ever else you may do, please do not use Bicarb soda as a cleaning agent. It is an alkaline chemical that can cause chemical burns on your beautiful wool carpet. Some people say to make a paste of bicarb soda and vinegar. White vinegar is simply Acetic Acid. One chemical simply reacts with the other. The last thing you need is chemical reactions going on in your carpet. If it is a water soluble spill, you just need plain water. You can always finish off your spill removal with a dilute mix of vingar in water and that will help the wool or cotton fibres dry in a more natural state. Wool an dother natural fibres grew out in the rain. Rain is slightly acidic so it is more natural to be left slightly acidic. Never leave a carpet with any trace of alkaline chemistry such as bicarb soda. 


Some carpet manufacturers say that thier carpets can be cleaned with bleach. But there are several types of bleach. Chlorine bleach is never needed, there are better and safer ways to clean carpet than using dangerous chemicals like chlorine bleach . It will completely dissolve Wool and will completely de-colour some nylon fibre. It can however be used on some Solution Dyed fibres like polypropylene, but do you know if your fibre really is solution dyed? So using bleach is a bit silly as you may never know if your carpet will withstand the effects of bleach until it is too late. Chlorine bleach is also difficult to remove. It is possible that it can transfer to other carpets with foot traffic and the other carpet may not withstand the damaging effects of bleach. 

Dishwashing liquid as a spot cleaner.

Dishwashing liquid is sometimes reccomended as a spot cleaner. While this may be chemically mild and safe on the fibre, (It has to be if you are going to stick your hands in it to wash up the dishes) it will tend to leave sticky residues that will cause rapid soiling on a carpet. It is meant to be dissolved in copious amounts of water and this is not desirable when spot cleaning or you could cause problems in the backings of your carpet. 

Oxy this or that.

Sodium Perborate and Sodium Percarbonate are chemicals that release oxygen to make Hydrogen Peroxide when mixed with water. This is fine in a nappy treatment when you are dealing with white cotton, but not so good on wool or coloured fibres and fabrics. So please don't use nappy treatments for capret or lounge stain removal. They may also contain Optical Brighteners which take in Ultra Violet (UV) light and convert it into a bluish light to make clothes whiter and brighter. They can turn yellow over time and may cause lighter spots on carpet or furniture during the daylight hours.

Professional Stain removal costs lot of money.

Calling a professional, such as Abbsolve Services, is the smart thing to do. If you get the home remedies wrong you can do a lot of damage to your carpet or lounge. Replacement costs a lot more than a stain removal call out.So don't risk damage to your furnishings, invest in a professional stain removal service to save you from having to replace your furnishings with new. 

For a specialist stain removal service on the Sunshine Coast, call Abbsolve Services on 0417 756 100. 

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