Accidents happen

Spills on Your Carpet or Lounge?

This simple emergency First Aid spot and spill removal guide can help you minimise the damage caused by your spills on fabric lounges and carpet.

If you are in doubt about how to treat a spill, call Ben & Louise at ABBsolve Services for some professional help.

Please note: Some furnishings may have special cleaning requirements. You should first refer to the manufacturers care instructions to ensure that our suggested treatments do not contradict those of the manufacturer.

You should always pre-test any treatments on an off cut or inconspicuous area and follow the directions on any labels. Obviously, not every situation can be covered in a website such as this so in many situations you will have to use the treatments in this website as a guide only, along with some common sense.

The information is offered in good faith to help minimise the damage caused by the spills, therefore no responsiblity can be accepted for claims arising from, or the results of the use of any suggested treatments. 

If you are not confident about any treatments we would recommend seeking professional help.

Abbsolve Services carpet stain removal guideSpot and stain removal

There are just two rules of thumb in this simple spotting guide. 

1. Blot dilute blot.

Blot with a paper towel (or tissue or even toilet paper). Then dilute with the solution. Then blot again. When you have finished blotting and diluting and blotting, cover the area with a thick wad of paper towel and cover it with an old phone book. (your book may get wet) Leave this for 12 hours at least to allow the remaining spill to soak up into the  wad of paper towel.

2. Solution. Clean like with like. 

For Water based spills. Water based spills like tea, coffee soft drink and other beverages need nothing more than water. They are already water soluble so you don't need any chemistry to dilute them. Simply blot us as much of the spill as possible and then dilute with just a little bit of water and then blot out that water. 

For Fatty or oily spills. Fatty and oily spills such as icecream and gravy and other foods need a detergent solution to help them mix with water. We recommend using a WoolSafe Approved detergent spotter such as "Carpet Power" (available in your supermarket). Again simply blot up or scoop up as much of the spill as possible and then dilute with a little bit of the detergent solution.

Blot up this detergent and soil mix as much as possible and then rinse with a little bit of water. Blot again and then cover with a wad of paper towel and place a book on top. Leave this wad on for 12 or more hours to draw out residues. 

For inks and dye stains Call Abbsolve Services for professional help. We have a wide range of unique treatments to fix these difficult stains.

If you are not fortunate enough to live on the Sunshine Coast where we are, then visit and click on the "find a carpet cleaner" and add your postcode into the search function for a list of WoolSafe Approved Service Providers near you.

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