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Keep your carpet and furniture looking good

New furnishings are exciting and are a valuable investment in looks, comfort and lifestyle. Here are some helpful hints to help you maintain your furnishings and keep them looking good for years to come.

Soiling explained

When you think about it, there are only 4 groups of soils, Dry soils, Water soluble soils, Fats and oils and Dyes. These are often found in combinations such as in coffee or even sweat.

A lot of dry soils are airborne, such as dust, or may be tracked in on our shoes like sand and grit.

Water based soils are often from spills of drinks such as soft drinks cordials coffee and the like. When the water evaporates it leaves the sugary residues, oils and dyes.

When dry soils stick to the sugary or fatty residues from spills, you will end up with dark marks.  When dry soils stick to oily or salty residues from sweat, cooking fumes, pollution and the like, you will tend to get an overall dull look to your furniture. 

Don't leave it too late. Have your furnishings cleaned regularly to remove the slow but steady build up of household pollutants.

What you can do?

Firstly read any manufacturer's care instructions. They may tell you if there are any specific requirements for the care of your furnishings. Remember they are a guide only and due to limited space can provide only limited information.

If you are ever in doubt about what to do with a particular problem, seek professional help.

In the meantime you can follow these helpful hints for fabric lounges and carpet.

  • Vacuum  regularly to minimise the build up of dry particle soils.
  • Try to remove spots as soon as they happen. (Click here for a handy spot removal guide)
  • Be aware of sharp objects. Things like toys and pet's claws can pull threads, snag yarn or cause cuts and scratches.
  • If possible, rotate the cushions on your lounge and re-arrange your furniture to share the wear on both furniture and the floor.
  • Turn rugs around or swap them around occasionally to share the wear.
  • Have your furnishings professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking good and feeling great.
  • Have your new furniture protected in your home, after delivery by ABBsolve Services so that you can see it is done properly. For more information on fabric protection click this link.

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