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Mould and bacteria on lounges

Mould and other micro-organisms generally need 5 things to thrive, these are, moisture, warmth, absence of light, stale air, and of course the food source.

The rain or even just the high humidity provides the moisture. Our climate means it is nice and warm and ideal for mould and bacterial growth. Rainy weather keeps the light to a minimum and we usually keep the windows and doors shut to keep out the rain and this can lead to the still, stale air that these organisms like.

The food source may be the fabric itself, especially if it is one of the natural fibres, or it may be the sweat soiling that gets on there from our own bodies as we lay around relaxing in the hot weather.

So to help reduce the chance of mould infestations and bacterial odours we need to alter their environment. Run your Split system or ducted airconditioner if you have one, to help lower the humidity, Keep a fan on low speed to move the air or leave a couple of windows slightly open to allow in fresh air, Keep the curtains open during the day to keep the room nice and light.

Keep your furniture clean and free of dust and sweat. This means wiping over leather with a damp microfibre cloth to keep the dust and sweat to a minimum. For fabric lounges, vaccum regularly.

Soils provide a nice home and food source for mould and bacteria. It is a great time to think about professional cleaning to help keep out the nasties. ABBsolve Services is here to help you keep a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Maintaining your leather lounge

This poor old leather lounge suite is suffering from severe neglect, but the right half shows where we have re-built the colour to make it look and feel good again. 

To maintain your leather lounge, wipe it over with a damp microfibre cloth about once a month. There is no need for detergents if you use a soft microfibre cloth, just wipe over to remove the salts and soils from sweat and pollution.

Then about every 18 months or so, call us to give it a professional clean and re-application of our professional strength protection creme treatment to keep your lounge suite looking great. 

This is a cost effective and easy way to keep your leather lounge in great condition for many years to come.

Cleaning leather with baby wipes? Please don't do this!

The damage to this leather lounge is the result of a customer trying to clean their leather sofa with baby wipes. Please don't do this. The grey area is where the pigment layer has been completely removed by the babay wipe.  I had to repair the leather finish with special re-colouring treatments in order to restore this leather lounge. 

Don't put rugs on top of carpet

Here is a problem that I see all too often. People put a rug on top of thier carpet in order to protect the carpet from wear and spills, but the rug itself can cause problems.

In this case, the latex used in the backing of the rug has caused an alkaline burn on the customer's beautiful wool carpet.  Rugs have been made for thousands of years and were originally made to go over dirt floors to provide comfort. We should never put a rug over carpet. The humidity changes through out the seasons can cause the release of volatile components of glues used in the manufacture of both the carpet and the rug and this causes chemical changes in the wool pile of the carpet.

If you want to protect your carpet or rugs, clean up spills quickly and get them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Contact a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider or call us and we can reccommend a good carpet cleaner in your area. You can bring your rugs to us for professional workshop cleaning.

Spilt nail polish on carpet

Don't panic. That's the first hint.

This is a stain that is best left to us. Nail polish is a polymer with a colouring agent to give you the bright colours that you love to wear. It disolves in acetone and similar chemicals so that you can get it off your fingernails when you want to. The problem is that if you apply nail polish remover (acetone or amyl acetate) to the spill you will simply make it thin enough to carry it into the fibre where is sets as a permanent stain.

It is much easier for me if you don't try to remove this type of spill. I have special solvents that I can use with extraction equipment to remove the polymer and colouring agent all at once.  See the results of this stain on our stain removal gallery.

Ink on your leather lounge?

We get at least one call a month from someone who has been doing a crossword puzzle and have drawn a pen line on thier leather lounge. 

If this happens to you, get some cream from the fridge or some hand cream or even a lip balm stick and using a cotton bud, put it on the ink as soon as possible and remove it with a dry cloth. You can then clean it with a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that you only get a short time to act because the pigment and oils in the ink are very compatible with the finish on your leather and can quickly infuse into the surface.

A colour repair may be your only solution, so prevention is always better than the cure. If you are sitting on your lounge with a pen in your hand, cover the lounge with a cloth while you work on those clues.

Yarn or thread pulls in carpet

Pulled a thread in your carpet?  This can happen in most loop pile carpets when a bit catches on a sharp edge of a childs toy, high heel or even pet claws. Do not pull on this as it can travel even further. You are best to cut it off at both ends so it doesn't get any worse and then call us so we can repair it by sewing in some new yarn.  

Clean up spills quickly.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Many carpet fibres are actually quite slow to absorb liquid spills. Use paper towel, tissues or even toilet tissue to blot up spills quickly before they have a chance to soak in. 

Then follow the directions on our spot and spill removal guide.

Do not apply a detergent or any cleaning agent before you blot up as much of the spill as possible as this actually can speed up the absorbency rate and set a stain.

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