Leather Lounge Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast.

How do I clean my leather lounge?

Leather cleaning requires a combination of time and patience, the right leather cleaning solutions, knowledge of the many different leather finishes, and of course years of experience. If you don't have this, or the spare time to spend the hours that it takes to get it looking really clean and feeling great, then call us now for a booking. 

How often should I get my leather lounge cleaned?

Manufacturers say that leather should be cleaned and conditioned every three months, and typically the retailer will sell you the kits to do this. It can take you all day to clean and condition your leather lounge. This means you have to spend four weekends a year to keep your leather lounge looking good. So do yourself a favour and call us on 0417 756 100. We will clean your lounge, by hand, and then apply our long lasting protection treatment that will save you having to spend 4 weekends a year cleaning your leather lounge. 

 Our special long lasting protective conditioning creme treatment will add that final touch that will leave a natural feel and protection that helps keep your lounge suite in top condition. This protection makes it easy for you to maintain with just a simple wipe over occasionally with a damp microfibre cloth. No more cleaning kits and chemicals to buy, and you get four more week ends a year to spend doing things with your family and friends. When we clean and condition and protect your leather lounge it will not only look great, it will feel great too and you will only need to do this every 12 to 18 months.

Should I get a protection treatment for my new leather lounge?

Prevention is always better than cure and a professionally applied protection treatment will make it easy for you to clean up spills and help you keep it clean with nothing more than a damp microfibre cloth. You then only need to have your lounge cleaned and re-protected every 12 to 18 months which saves you time and money and keeps your beautiful leather lounge looking good and feeling great.

Call us on 0417 756 100 and ask how we can make your lounge look and feel great.

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ABBsolve Services is a specialist cleaning service for fine furnishings. We can clean and also repair the colour on leather lounges, clean Persian rugs in our special work shop, and do specialty stain removal work on your carpet in your home or work.

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