Fabric Protection on the Sunshine Coast.

Fabric protection for your new or freshly cleaned lounge suite is a smart move.

It makes fibres less absorbent which buys you time to grab a cloth or paper towel and blot away spills easily.

How does Fabric Protection work?

It's a bit like water rolling off a ducks back. We use a quality protection treatment that repels both water and oily spills. A protector to suit your particular fabric is applied to new or freshly cleaned Fabric. When it's dry, it makes each fibre less absorbent so that it resists absorption of liquid spills. This buys you time to grab a cloth and blot away the spill before it causes damage or causes a permanent stain. It makes spot cleaning easier and makes fabrics last longer and clean better than unprotected fabrics. For spot cleaning and maintenance, follow the directions in our Spot and Stain Removal Guide 

Does it make it bullet proof?

No it wont stop bullets or paint, bleach or battery acid, but will resist spills of normal household beverages such as softdrink and juices, the things you are more likely to spill, plus it makes your spot cleaning much easier for those little sticky fingers and the like. It also helps keep your lounge suite cleaner than an unprotected lounge and extends the life of your fabric lounge making life easier for you.

Will it need to be replaced after it is professionally cleaned?

Proper upholstery cleaning should not remove a well applied protector, especially if the right cleaning agents have been used. However it does wear down over a period of time. We generally recommend re-application at around 4 to 5 years or after the second or third clean, depending on the use it is getting.

Buying a new lounge on the Sunshine Coast and want it treated with a scotchguard protector?

Call us on 0417 756 100 for a quote to apply your fabric protection right there in your own home so you can see that is applied correctly, all over. We are based in Cooroy and can come to your home anywhere on the Sunshine Coast from Noosa to Coolum, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba to Caloundra and Pelican Waters and out to Nambour and the Hinterland villages of Maleny to Mapleton. 

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ABBsolve Services is a specialist cleaning service for fine furnishings. We can clean and also repair the colour on leather lounges, clean Persian rugs in our special work shop, and do specialty stain removal work on your carpet in your home or work.

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